Demetrius Andrade speaks with about his first title defense June 14th

WBO junior middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade is slated to make the mandatory defense of his title June 14th against Brian “Lion” Rose on HBO from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.  The South Prov southpaw is feeling confident and ready.  After all he has been doing this for over 20 years,  and at 26 years of age he has the world in his palms,  and the coveted WBO strap sitting in his living room. I caught up with Demetrius in his training camp in Atlanta, here is how our conversation went.


1. June 14th is approaching fast,  how you feeling about everything Champ?


I feel great,  I’m feeling real good.  I feel like June 14th greatness will show.  Right now I’m putting that slave work in,  so when June 14th comes it will be an easy beautiful night.


2. So what does it mean to you to fight at the Barclays Center,  the new home for boxing on the east coast?


Its going to be an aesthetic night. I’ve always seen myself fighting in New York, I thought it would be at the Madison Square Garden but it’s at the Barclays.  Home of Jay-Z and the Brooklyn nets,  now its gon be home of Demetrius Andrade.


3. So what are your thoughts on Brian the “Lion” Rose?


I think it’s gonna be a tough fight.  He is 25-1, he got a lot of experience,  so everybody should tune in and watch this fight.  He is a tough guy but I’m gon show you how great and God gifted I really am,  how easy I can make this look.  With all the preparations and hard work im putting in its gon be a beautiful night.


4. You have a bus leaving from Providence to Brooklyn so your people at home can come and watch you fight,  what do you want to say to those fans showing you that love?


I just want to say thank you,  thank you and thank you.  Thanks for coming out to see me.  All the people I grew up with,  I appreciate the support.  Keep supporting me cause  I’m putting Providence,  RI on the map.  That city helped me to know the difference between accepting a hard life and what you gotta do to make life a little easier for your family.


5. So what’s next for you after this mandatory defense?


All glory due to the Most High Brian Rose isn’t going to stop this train.  They call him the Lion but he’s going to be my baby cub.  Blessings to him and what he’s going through to prepare for this beat down. I’m not looking pass him but I’m looking pass him.  I’m looking to fight the winner of the Canelo-Angulo fight.  Real talk its about that time. Whatever we can do to make that fight happen lets do it.  If not that fight then I’m looking to unify the belts.  Whoever is looking to lose their belt I’m willing to come take it.  I’ll give you a shot at my title if you deserve it. I want to fight any belt holder or big name in the game.  Like Mayweather,  he is the boss of his show, I would love to get in there with him but at the same time if that fight never happens I’ll be the one to carry the torch and make sure boxing is still entertaining, you can rely on Demetrius Andrade to give you that.


6. So what you wanna say to Brooklyn?

Brooklyn stand up,  Brooklyn stand up! I been out there in Brooklyn worn Curtis Stevens, Jaidon Codrington,  Danny Jacobs,  Paulie Malignaggi, Sadam Ali, Andre Rozier and my Havoc Boxing family,  Brooklyn gotta come out,  all of New York and New England gotta come out to see this one.  Trust me you gon have a good ol time.